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For  original artwork or your existing logos on shirts, signs, murals or banners,
stubby coolers etc, etc.

sign prices

for signwriting prices click here

heat pressed vinyl on garments

sports numbers, players' names, simple logos and text

are all suitable for vinyl. It is probably better value than printing on very small quantities, the set up is much cheaper although each individual design is usually dearer. It is more dependant on the area of vinyl used for pricing, so it's best to talk to me directly to get a price.

Here are some regular examples to give you an idea.

SPORTS NUMBERS - (20cm) - $4 per digit (a team of 16 players for example requires 23 digits, No 1 to No 16)

NETBALL POSITIONS - (15cm) - $3 per letter (a netball team requires 26 letters on their bibs)

PLAYER'S NAMES - (5cm) - $1 per letter - to a maximum of 30cm width, capped at $12, longer names simply get compressed to approx. 30cm.

OTHERS - a sponsor's name or a team name on your shirt, to a maximum of 30cm x 15cm - $8 to $12 depending on size



Look at the chart to get an instant price for your job

If it's a single print, on the back or front of your shirt, look at the top chart. 1 PRINT

Look along the line of how many colours are in your print, then go down to the quantity you require. This gives you the price per print.

Next look at the SET UP COSTS, each colour in your design needs a screen, the first screen costs $60, then each additional screen costs $20. At the bottom of your number of colours column it gives you the set up cost.

EXAMPLE - 50 shirts with a two colour print would be 50 x $4 for the printing ($200), and a set up of $80 gives a total of $280.

If you're having two prints eg. front and back, look at the second chart 2 PRINTS, it's a similar process. Look up your colours, quantity, then add the set up and you have your price.

EXAMPLE - 30 shirts with 1 colour front and back would be 30 x $5.50 for the printing ($165) then a set up of $60 gives a total of $225

ARTWORK prices

for screenprinting and heat-pressed vinyl jobs

ARTWORK - this is charged at an hourly rate of $70, most shirt designs take around an hour for a multi colour, half an hour for one colour. This is for "CAMERA READY" artwork, of a quality suitable for screen exposure or vinyl cutting. This is sharp black and white art, with the colours separated.

If your artwork is "text only" from a standard font that I can just type in, I have a policy of never charging artwork fees. It takes me minutes and is simple. If anyone ever charges you for artwork when they're just typing in a couple of lines of text, I feel you're being ripped off!

Below there are a few examples of some customers needing artwork or colour separation done to make it ready for reproduction.

The first one was a drawing done by a student, which was then redrawn in solid black and white. Next one was a logo sent as a picture which I then reworked as a 3 colour screenprint, On the right is the opposite requirement, where a 3 colour logo had to be reworked to become a 1 colour sports bag print.

price list from  april 2014