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For  original artwork or your existing logos on shirts, signs, murals or banners,
stubby coolers etc, etc.

colour chart

7 colours & 7 shirts

Not sure what colours would suit your shirts?

Here's a simple chart showing combinations of the 7 most popular colours of shirts, with a number placed on them in the 7 most popular colours. Obviously there are other shades of these colours available, but just use this as a rough guide. These are the colours I use most:

 T-SHIRTS - White, black, red, gold, green, sky, and royal.

INK & VINYL - White, black, red, golden yellow, bright green, sky blue, Bright blue.

To see the whole range of shirt colours go to the clothing page.

shirt names & numbers

for sports numbers and names on t-shirts or your own shirt

Fill in your details below, and I'll reply to you by email. If you're sending your own shirt I'll discuss delivery etc with you.

order forms

on the left for STOCK DESIGN t-shirts - right for names & numbers ETC

Just fill in your details, press the send button and I'll reply to you by email with more info, and confirm your  invoice.

Once payment is received, your order will be processed. There's a space on the order form for any message you'd like to add.

Stock T-shirt designs

For any of the stock designs on the email t-shirt page

Fill in your details below and I'll reply to you by email.