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For  original artwork or your existing logos on shirts, signs, murals or banners,
stubby coolers etc, etc.

 the story behind the  logo

I'm very Lucky to still be here!

In 2005 as a very inexperienced diver I was involved in an incident where I drowned, was rescued, dragged onto the rocks at Terrigal Skillion resuscitated, and kept alive until the paramedics arrived who made sure I was OK, and took me to Gosford Hospital, where I spent a few days in recovery. After a couple of weeks out of the water I had a test dive to make sure I was OK about going back under the sea. All went well and the next weekend I set off on a trip which included my first ever grey nurse shark dives at Seal Rocks. At night after dives some of the dive group were playing charades. Every time I stood up to get a refreshment my mate called out "Deadman" as if I was playing charades. The nickname stuck, well among the diving community anyway! For a laugh I turned up next time in a t-shirt with the jolly roger logo with the skull as a scuba diver, and the nickname "Deadman"and with the very appropriate slogan "Scotch on the rocks" Which the others thought was great.  Later on I decided to use it as my business logo because it's pretty unique and has a good story behind it. On the blue flag the crossed bones also make the very appropriate St Andrews Cross of Scotland

Special interests

sponsorships & volunteer work

I'm proud to be the longest continuous sponsor of Berkeley Vale Soccer Club, a life member, and played for them for well over 20 years.

I'm also a Marine Mammal Rescuer with ORRCA and a Volunteer Diver with CHUG. Both of these organisations do fantastic work and I'd love to help promote their work so anyone interested please follow the links.

All members of these 3 fine groups can be sure of a good deal from me.

sunshield apparel

my other work! - Preschool hat and clothing supplies

Since 2007, along with my business partner Justin, I've been part owner and operator of Sunshield Apparel based in West Gosford.

For over 25 years Sunshield Apparel (formerly known as Sunshield Cap & Clothing Co.) has been a leading supplier of quality headwear and clothing to Pre Schools and Primary Schools, Australia wide. We have developed long standing relationships with our customers through our ability to provide a consistent product range, competitive pricing and quick turnaround times. The products that are featured on our website make up the core of our business.We also have the ability to custom make headwear or clothing that gives our customers unique and exclusive options for their apparel needs. If you would like to speak to us regarding pricing or product information,you can phone us on (02) 4322 1500 or email us at sales@sunshieldapparel.com.au View our catalogue online at www.sunshieldapparel.com.au

Concentrating on an airbrushing job

I've been DOING THIS  since the 1980s ...


 airbrush  and more....

Screenprinting or heat pressed vinyl on clothing, and vinyl or hand painted signwork are my bread and butter work, most of what I do.

However some unusual or more interesting jobs come up from time to time.

I've done a mural of a beach right along a house wall, airbrushed the bonnet of a classic 1940s Chevy custom car  to look like a tarantula, also airbrushed a wake board to look like a dinosaur tearing through it. Hand painted a cartoon landscape along a school canteen wall, complete with the local animals. Created a whole series of Australian native animal cartoon characters for a preschool.


All kinds of shirts and other garments can be screenprinted, from simple one colour jobs like sports numbering to multi colour logos. As well as garments, I also print bags, caps, coldy holders etc etc


I am a distributer for several clothing and bag suppliers, so I can offer you a great range of products. T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Tracksuits,

Hi Viz Safety wear, Sports Bags, Coldy holders. 


I can do you a small corflute sign, that's the cheapest, usually used by tradesmen while working on site. I can also do shopfronts and murals. So for either of them or anything in between, give me a call.

Car windows, sandwich boards, menus, boat names, ...


You can have a logo designed, either hand drawn or created on the computer. Original cartoon characters.

Airbrushing is a great technique, and looks especially good on signs, vehicles, surf boards etc. I also often do airbrushing on canvases to hang on your wall.

I also do portraits in pencil, if you want an original and personal impression of someone, i'll do it either realistically or as a caricature depending on your needs.

I did a 4 year course on commercial art back in the early 80s, passed every exam, and finished the course with honours, but  still never got a chance to work full time in art. I kept working in engineering, mostly in machining workshops, but then slowly started getting a bit artwork as well.

I got my first break as a cartoonist / illustrator

back in 1989, with a comic strip in the British Soccer Week, and teaching cartooning and drawing at the Community Colleges, (while also working at Cockatoo Dockyard, mostly making parts for the R.A.N. submarines - big difference !) I then had people asking me to do artwork for things like their own soccer teams, trade unions, clubs and sponsors etc.  ..I found that most of my artwork was going to screenprinters, signwriters, and printers, so I decided to get in on that action, did a few courses, and started doing it myself. I've since added more services along the way, to now being able to take a job from start to finish all in one service, no need to hire a graphic designer or a printer. From the rough artwork to the finished sign or print, I'll do it, and using original artwork wherever possible, rather than just downloading the same old "Clip art" for you.

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